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The COVID-19 epidemic in the US, Russia, India, Brazil, and the UK is still very serious!

Judging from the history of the world, human history is a history of continuous unity and fighting and continuous victory over all disasters. So no matter how serious the disaster is, as long as the people of the world unite and fight together, they will eventually win, and every crisis will inevitably promote new developments in the world.
This is the most typical case of this epidemic. Although the outbreak is menacing and it has caused tremendous damage in a short period of time, it is undeniable that in the context of the unity of the world against the epidemic, it will eventually overcome the epidemic.
And now, the epidemic situation is improving all over the world, except for these four big countries, but the epidemic situation is accelerating.
After the outbreak, the entire number of infected people quickly swept the world. More than 200 countries and regions around the world were affected by the outbreak, especially in the West, where the outbreak is very serious.
The epidemic situation in Europe and the United States added up to more than 2 million cases, and the death toll was more than 200,000, which can be said to be very heavy.
However, under the unity of all countries in the world and the efforts of all countries, the trend that can be clearly seen is that the world’s epidemic situation is constantly improving.
Therefore, we can see from the newly confirmed diagnosis data that whether it is France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or even the United States, the entire epidemic situation is actually improving. Even South Korea and Israel have already taken the lead in defeating the epidemic.
The economy of many countries has begun to restart, the national situation has recovered rapidly, and the world is improving. But with the exception of the five major powers, their epidemic situation is rapidly erupting.
The first one is Brazil.
Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the major powers in the world. Regardless of its land area, population, or economy, it is very powerful, and its comprehensive national strength is among the highest in the world.
And Brazil is a country that is hopeful of becoming a superpower, but in the epidemic, Brazil has performed poorly. Especially now, when the epidemic in the world is beginning to be controlled, the Brazilian epidemic is accelerating.
More than 4,000 people are diagnosed every day, and it is accelerating further. The total number of diagnoses now exceeds 100,000, making it the most worried country in the world.
The second country is the United Kingdom.
Britain is the most powerful country in modern Europe. It once established a sunless empire, and its national strength is extremely strong.
Despite the weakness of Britain after World War II, Britain is still a world power. One of the five permanent members and the leader of the Commonwealth countries still have a strong influence in the world.
The British epidemic situation is also very dangerous. When the European countries began to control the epidemic situation, the British epidemic situation was accelerating. Now, the total number of British epidemic diagnoses has exceeded 190,000.
And the number of new additions is still increasing rapidly, as many as several thousand people. Up to now, there is no sign of being controlled.
The reason why the United Kingdom is doing this is because the British government adopted the wrong policy in the early stage of the outbreak and engaged in the so-called collective immunization, which ultimately harmed the country and the people.
From now on, the ultimate victory of the European epidemic depends on the effectiveness of the UK’s prevention and control.
The third country is India.
India is also a big country in the world today, and it is a country that is expected to become a superpower in the future, and the country is constantly rising. In this epidemic, India ’s performance was very worrying to the world.
Because India has a population of 1.36 billion, and most of them are very poor. The poor people living in slums and the poor sanitation environment make India’s epidemic prevention situation very grim.
The fourth country is Russia.
Russia is the world’s second-largest superpower after the United States, and is now one of the main controllers of the international situation.
Russia is also the country with the largest area in the world and the country with the largest number of nuclear arsenals in the world. Its national strength is extremely strong.
In Russia, the initial performance of this epidemic was good, but now when the global epidemic begins to improve, the Russian epidemic begins to deteriorate.
The fifth country is the United States. The United States is now the most severely affected in the world!

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