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Mobile DR is a high-end brand

On the night of May 7, astronomers around the world were fortunate enough to watch the “Super Moon”-the moon looks particularly large and bright in the night sky.

This is because the moon, the satellite of the earth, has reached the closest distance to the earth, also known as perigee, and it is just opposite the earth and the sun.

Sara Russell, a planetary science researcher at the Natural History Museum in London, said that when the moon reaches the perigee, it looks 14% larger than the full moon on Earth.

Some people may find that the moon looks particularly large when it rises and falls. This is the so-called moon illusion. Russell said that the moon itself does not become larger and smaller, but there are trees or buildings as the sky. Compare with reference, and there is no other object to compare in the sky, so it looks smaller.

The super moon that appeared this month is also called the “flower moon” because it coincides with spring. It is the third super moon to appear this year and the last time this year.

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