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Mobile X-ray machine beside the bed

Last week, a client purchased a bedside X-ray machine for a public hospital. It is required to use X-ray and B-ultrasound simultaneously.

My answer to the customer is that X-ray machine can’t do B-mode ultrasound, and X-ray examination is the examination method of taking a photo of your body with X-ray.So X-ray is also called film, very vivid image.B ultrasound is an ultrasound that emits an ultrasound and then USES the reflected echo to create a portrait.So if you need to do B-ultrasound, you need to configure a professional b-ultrasound machine.

Today, We will introduce mobile X-ray machines to you. Newheek is a high-tech company that independently develops and produces X-ray equipment. Its independently developed and produced X-ray imaging equipment is widely used in the medical and health field, industrial non-destructive testing field and domestic and foreign veterinarian (clinical).In the international and Philips, Siemens, GE and other well-known brands to establish good relations of cooperation.


The X-ray machine shown above can also be configured with a mobile DR system for the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19. Digital radiography imaging system (DR) is one of the most important imaging devices for the diagnosis of COVID-19.Hospitals and other medical institutions usually use images to diagnose chest to find suspicious patients such as fever, among which image diagnosis is the most important diagnostic method in clinical diagnosis.Because of its small size and light weight, mobile DR can reach any place where it is needed. It is especially suitable for emergency situations, such as isolation ward, ICU and bedside shooting in intensive isolation area, so as to avoid the risk of infection caused by patient movement. Therefore, it is the most needed product for clinical diagnosis of COVI-19 at present.

Newheek produces mobile X-ray machines of guaranteed quality and affordable price.Please feel free to contact us if you need anything.

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