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Mobile X-ray machine DR film machine

DR camera is the result of the upgrading of the conventional camera + DR flat detector system.

The main components of the camera are: bed, column, controller, bulb, beam splitter, high voltage generator, console, high voltage cable, fixed filter grid and chest film rack (optional), etc.

The difference between DR X-ray machine and ordinary camera +DR flat detector DR film machine is that it is the result of the upgrading of the previous ordinary camera DR flat detector system.

In clinical application, dynamic DR adopts the latest dynamic detector DU technology to realize digital photography, digital perspective, digital gastrointestinal tract, digital contrast and other functions. It has incomparable advantages in imaging quality, imaging speed, imaging speed, imaging stability, imaging size and other aspects.Dynamic DR achieves new technological breakthrough on the basis of conventional DR.

Nowadays, the western horizontal dimension of dynamic DR is also becoming larger and larger, which changes the traditional circular imaging, greatly benefiting the operation of clinicians and greatly saving the time of doctors and patients.One picture can see the entire digestive system of a normal adult with a clear image, which can greatly reduce the observation time and reduce the radiation dose of patients and doctors.

Newheek is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines.Over the past 20 years, it has been developing and designing a variety of DRX – ray machines with different appearance parameters in different scenarios.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will recommend the most suitable X-ray machine for you based on the information you provide.

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