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Hospital clients consult mobile X-ray machines

An inquiry was received from a hospital in Linyi for a mobile X-ray machine. Because the budgeted price was not too high, he recommended our 50mA X-ray machine to the customer.

Our X-ray machine is mainly used for X-ray photography of human head, limbs, chest and other parts in ward, operating room or field.

Its main features are;

1. Dedicated for photography in hospital wards and emergency rooms

2. Flexible mobile operation performance

3, wireless remote exposure, greatly reduce the radiation dose of doctors

Main technical parameters:

1. Power supply conditions:

1. Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;

2. Power supply frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;

3. Power capacity: ≥5kVA;

4. The power to allow maximum resistance: 1 Ω

2. Photography conditions:

1. Tube voltage: 40-90kV in 11 grades, 5kV for each grade;

2. Tube current: 30 and 50mA in total;

3. Time interval: 0.05s-6s, a total of 20 grades.

3. Mechanical properties: When the X-ray generator window is downward, the range of motion between the focus and the ground is 450mm ~ 1770mm;The rotation Angle of the X-ray generator around the horizontal axis is ±180.The rotation Angle around the vertical axis of the X-ray generator is ±90.

4. Overall dimension of the machine: 1290 (length) ×680 (width) ×1935 (height) (mm)

If you are interested in this mobile X-ray machine, welcome to contact us!


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