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NEWHEEK 100mA mobile DRX ray machine(digital imaging)

DR system, namely direct digital X-ray photography system, is composed of electronic cassette, scanning controller, system controller, image monitor, etc., which directly converts X-ray photons into digital images through electronic cassette, and is a kind of direct digital X-ray photography in a broad sense.In the narrow sense, direct digital photography, namely DDR, usually refers to digital Radiography with the technology of direct image conversion using flat panel detector, which is a direct digital X-ray photography system in the true sense.


The 100mA mobile X-ray machine produced by Sinovel is mainly used for X-ray photography of human head, limbs and chest in wards, operating rooms or in the field.

This machine is a mobile bedside X-ray machine, which adopts full wave rectifier and combined X-ray machine head, the frame adopts cantilever structure, the machine head positioning is light and convenient, the machine adopts electric beam limiter, which can control the X-ray radiation field conveniently and correctly.The machine is compact, portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can be used in various hospitals and clinics for X-ray photography in wards or operating rooms.




The main features:

1. Single focus, full wave rectification and combined X-ray generator.

2, single chip microcomputer control, easy maintenance.

3, visual and operational sense of the operation console, using LCD display.

4. It can store 8 kinds of photographic parameters, and select, modify and store the conditional parameters.

5, with power supply voltage (V) automatic regulation, photography (kV) stepless continuous adjustable.

6. High voltage primary adopts high power silicon controlled zero control circuit

7. It has load linkage, exposure time, fault automatic alarm, filament preheating, tube component temperature and other protection.

8, the frame adopts cantilever structure, small volume and easy to push.


Main technical parameters:

1. Power supply condition: voltage 180V~240V;Frequency 50 hz.

Current 35A (instant);Internal resistance & lt;1 Ω;The capacity is not less than 7kVA

2. Photography: Tube voltage 50 ~ 90kV;Tube current 16mA, 32mA, 63mA, 100mA;Time: 0.08s ~ 6.3s

3. X tube focus: 4.3×4.3mm

4. Maximum distance of unlimited remote control: & GT;7m

5. Maximum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 1800mm

6. Minimum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 520mm

7. Left-right rotation of the column: ±45°

8. Beam limiter: When the distance between the focus and the image receiving surface (SID) is 650mm, the maximum light field shall not be greater than 350×350

9. Net weight of the machine: 150kg;Gross weight: 240 kg

10. Packaging volume: 150cm×100cm×150cm

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