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Newheek’s mobile DR

The current medical care system has evolved from the original basic insurance coverage to the “face” to the one-to-one coverage to the “person” personalized diagnosis and treatment. In view of the transformation of the nursing model, more and more hospitals have introduced mobile DR imaging systems. Meet the daily imaging and shooting. Different from the column-type or suspended-type design of traditional photography systems, the mobile DR occupies a smaller space and can be easily moved and operated. It can directly complete exposure in the ward, and supports multiple bedside imaging inspections, which not only effectively improves work efficiency, but also meets production volume. Demand, while optimizing the hospital’s workflow, it can also guarantee the imaging quality, which has occupied an important position in medical imaging. Whether our Newheek mobile DR is easy to move, battery life has become the key to performance evaluation, whether it is emergency room or neonatal ICU, Shandong Huarui Mobile DR can be used in various departments of the hospital. Image quality, system stability, connectability, light and convenient, easy to complete.
Newheek mobile DR upgrades the traditional fixed column into a flexible telescopic arm, which greatly reduces the footprint of the radiological equipment, moves flexibly, and realizes rapid imaging in the narrow passage of the ward.

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