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The difference between column moving Dr and folding arm moving Dr

Now ordinary hospitals will purchase mobile DR, not because the traditional vertical DR has been eliminated, but because mobile DR has stronger practicality in the face of more special situations, and can be flexibly applied to radiology, orthopedics, and Clinical departments such as ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU, etc. Otherwise, how can it be worthy of the title of “Radiology on Wheels”!
Powerful imaging capabilities For any medical imaging equipment, the most important thing is of course the imaging effect. Mobile DR also requires clear and accurate imaging during use, so as to assist doctors in diagnosis based on the imaging results. Just like the mobile DR launched by Newheek, it is equipped with a portable wireless flat-panel detector. It has a 125um pixel size and a 9.5 million pixel matrix, both of which are the industry’s highest indicators. It can provide powerful image detail detection capabilities and ensure excellent image quality. .
Fast imaging mobile DR needs to be able to image in real time, and the image can be seen on the monitor 3~5s after exposure, so as to quickly determine whether the patient’s posture is correct. And the useless images that do not meet the diagnostic requirements can be immediately discarded and retaken. More importantly, in many operations that require surgical angiography (need to observe the time when the contrast agent reaches the lumen), the mobile DR real-time imaging is easy to control. The hospital responsible for transferring the mobile DR from one department to another is often physically demanding. Weak female nurses sometimes even get in and out of the elevator. At this time, if the mobile DR has poor controllability, it is simply a nurse’s “nightmare”. Therefore, the motor-assisted, pressure-sensitive speed change in the mobile DR. Designs such as large-capacity batteries and wheel shock absorption are essential. At the same time, in order to be able to detect patients more conveniently, the body of the mobile DR also needs to be stretched freely.
The radiation of safe mobile DR is inevitable. For the patient, the time to contact it in a certain period of time is limited, so the amount of radiation received is limited. However, for the medical staff who have to contact it every day, how to reduce the radiation during use becomes urgent. Because of this, the application of the wireless remote control exposure handle on the mobile DR is extremely necessary, which allows the operator to stay away from the equipment for remote exposure, which fully guarantees the safety of medical staff. With these advantages, the application of mobile DR in hospitals can be quite easy.
Mobile DR is also divided into column type and folding arm type. Usually the column type is larger in size, higher in power, and wider in application range, basically any part can be photographed. Our column type can reach 32KW 400mA, but it is only suitable for moving in the sick room.
Although our folding arm type only reaches 5KW 100mA, and the shooting area is limited, it is small and light, and can be folded and placed in a car for easy transportation. It is suitable for filming and diagnosis when going out.

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