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Portable digital X-ray machine(mobile DR)

(Portable digital X-ray machine)

Main technical parameters of mobile DR X-ray machine:

1. Power condition and operation mode

Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;

Power frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;

Power capacity: ≥200VA;

The maximum allowable internal resistance of the power supply: 2Ω

Operation mode: intermittent loading and continuous operation

2. The maximum rated capacity is shown in Table 1.

Tube current (mA) Tube voltage (kV) Milliampere second (mAs)50 100 10

Table 1. Maximum rated capacity

3.Mobile DR X-ray machine photography conditions:

Tube voltage: 40-110kV, 1kV per file;

Milliampere second: 0.2-100mA s, selected according to R10′ coefficient.


4. Maximum output power of mobile DR X-ray machine:

(100kV 50mA 0.1s) 5KVA.

5. Nominal electric power:

(100kV 40mA 0.1s) 4KVA.

6. Mobile DR X-ray machine input power: 5KVA.

7. Mechanical performance of mobile DR X-ray machine:

When the X-ray generator window is downward, the distance between the focal point and the ground is 1320 mm;

8. The overall dimensions of the mobile DR X-ray machine: 1530 (length) × 685 (width) × 2040 (height) (mm);

(Portable digital X-ray machine)

9.mobile DR X-ray machine flat panel detector

9.1 Model: Pixium 3543EZ

9.2 Scintillator and sensor material: cesium iodide + amorphous silicon

9.3 The physical collection area of ​​the detector: 355mm×425mm (14 inches×17 inches);

9.4 Effective area of ​​image imaging: not less than 335mm×415mm

9.5 Image information volume: 2400×2880×16bit;

9.6 Spatial resolution: 3.4Lp/mm (without 20mm aluminum plate), 3.1Lp/mm (with 20mm aluminum plate)

9.7Mobile DR X-ray machine image reconstruction time:

Automatic mode is not more than 3 sec, manual mode is not more than 6 seconds (preview image)

Automatic mode is not more than 5 sec, manual mode is not more than 10 seconds (original image)

9.8 The maximum pressure on the entire surface of the flat panel detector is 100kg

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