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100mA power mobile X-ray machine

(100mA mobile X-ray machine)

The square cabin hospital is a kind of mobile hospital which is convenient to build.It is a kind of field mobile medical system, which is composed of several movable compartments and has the functions of emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical examination and so on.

In the event of a natural disaster or public health emergency, the cabin can be rushed to the scene in the first place and be developed into a grade II A hospital.

The first medical pods appeared in the 1950s.The US army gradually expanded the military equipment transport compartment into a medical compartment, and took the lead in putting it into the Vietnam battlefield in the 1960s, which was the beginning of the field hospital compartment.In the 1970s, Britain, Germany, France and other countries developed various forms of makeshift hospitals, such as trailer or semi-trailer combination units.Since the 1990s, makeshift hospitals of different sizes and forms have begun to appear in the routine equipment of national forces.

 Field hospitals played a very important role in SARS and the coVID-19 outbreak.Field hospitals are used to receive infected patients for centralized treatment. Meanwhile, due to the large number of patients and the large space required, medical instruments and equipment need to be more flexible so as to be more suitable for the characteristics of large number of patients and urgent detection.The power frequency mobile X-ray machine produced by Shandong Huarui imaging is mainly used for X-ray photography of human head, limbs, chest and other parts in wards, operating rooms or in the field.Because is the mobile bedside X-ray machine, USES the full wave rectification, the combination type X-ray machine head, the frame USES the cantilever structure, the machine head positioning is light and convenient, the machine USES the electric type to limit the beam, may conveniently and correctly control the X-ray radiation field.The machine is compact, portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can be used in various hospitals and clinics for X-ray photography in wards or operating rooms.Just the right machine for a field hospital.

Main technical parameters:

1. Power supply condition: voltage 180V~240V;Frequency 50 hz.Current 35A (instant);Internal resistance & lt;1 Ω;2. Photography: Tube voltage 50 ~ 90kV;Tube current 16mA, 32mA, 63mA, 100mA;Time: 0.08s ~ 6.3s

3. X tube focus: 4.3×4.3mm

4. Maximum distance of unlimited remote control: & GT;7 m.

5. Maximum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 1800mm

6. Minimum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 520mm

7. Left-right rotation of the column: ±45°

8. Beam limiter: When the distance between the focus and the image receiving surface (SID) is 650mm, the maximum light field shall not be greater than 350×350

9. Net weight of the machine: 150kg;Gross weight: 240 kg

10. Packaging volume: 150cm×100cm×150cm


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