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Primary supply of X-ray machines

Weifang Newheek is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of X-ray machines. It has a first-hand supply of portable X-ray machines, guaranteed product quality, and timely after-sales service. It is a good choice for purchasing X-ray machines.

Our company produces and sells a variety of different types of X-ray machines, including portable, mobile, and fixed X-ray machines for customers to choose from, among which our portable X-ray machines are one of the best-selling products.

Our portable X-ray machine can be widely used for human body diagnosis and is suitable for medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, ambulances, disaster relief, first aid, etc.); Simple structure, small size, light weight, no environmental restrictions, no need for a shielding chamber; Fault self protection, self diagnosis, high precision control of tube voltage and current; High frequency and stable high-voltage output, high image quality; Convenient to carry and work in a variety of different scenarios; It is flexible and convenient to use together with the mobile rack; Three exposure control methods: wireless remote control, wired handbrake switch, and touch screen; It can be equipped with an imaging system and can be imaged directly on a computer, with simple operation.

If you are interested in our portable X-ray machine, please feel free to contact us. Tel(whatsapp):+86 17616362242                             

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