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Regular customer consulting portable X-ray machine

A few days ago, a regular customer consulted a portable X-ray machine. This customer consulted an industrial vertical X-ray machine, which was used to detect the welds inside the steel plate. We explained our products to the customer in detail, which was recognized by the customer.This time, a friend of the customer wanted to know about the medical portable X-ray machine. The customer immediately thought of us and called to ask if there was a suitable style to recommend.

According to the client’s description, we learned that the hospital needs a portable X-ray machine that can be held by hand, which is convenient for different wards or outdoor filming detection. We recommended Newheek NK-100 portable X-ray machine for the client.We also confirm with the customer whether the hospital only needs a x ray machine and whether he needs an imaging system.The client asked if the imaging system was universal. The hospital already had a digital imaging system. We explained to the client that our equipment could be used together with the existing imaging system.

After sending the parameters and photos to the customer, the customer replied that he would contact us after confirming with the hospital.If you are also interested in this portable X-ray machine, please call us.



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