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Russia starts the “War of Defending the Nation” against the epidemic

At 10 a.m. on May 4, the rumbling engine sound cut through the silence of Moscow, and a fighter plane flew over the Red Square to carry out an intense rehearsal for the parade on Victory Day. Although the military parade on Victory Day, which was originally scheduled for May 9, was postponed indefinitely due to the epidemic situation, Russian officials still decided to keep the air formation performance on that day.
Contrary to the excitement of previous years, the Red Square in early May was quiet and no one was under the red wall of the Kremlin. Seventy-five years later, this piece of land, known as the heart of Russia, once again witnessed a new “war of patriotism” started by the Russian people.
On May 4, Russian military aircraft formations participated in a rehearsal of military parade on Victory Day on the Red Square in Moscow. (Satellite Society) Three causes of a surge in cases
Since the first local case of infection occurred on March 2, the reporter has witnessed the number of newly diagnosed new pneumonia in Russia jumped to more than 150,000. Especially since this week, almost every day, patients in residential buildings next to the residence were seen being taken away by ambulances. It is no exaggeration to say that the Russian epidemic is deteriorating at a rate visible to the naked eye.
Russian Prime Minister Mishustin and two ministerial officials have been diagnosed one after another, which is also a wake-up call. Russia currently has 134,054 cases, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. Starting on May 3, Russia’s newly diagnosed cases broke 10,000 for three consecutive days. Many infectious disease experts said that the true peak of the Russian epidemic may not yet come.
Under such circumstances, it may be unrealistic to implement partial deblocking on the 12th. Russian Health Minister Murashko also told the media on the 3rd that even if the restrictive measures were eliminated, they should be implemented in stages, and some of the measures will remain until the vaccine is widely used. He said that a set of mechanisms should be established to remove the restrictive measures to prevent the incidence from rising again.

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