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The benefits of using mobile DR for filming

Bedside X-ray examinations have played an important role in patients who are seriously ill, traumatic fractures, postoperative traction and not suitable for movement, and who need to make a timely and accurate diagnosis of their condition. With the clinical application of the new generation of mobile DR imaging technology, due to its convenient operation, fast imaging, and good image quality, it can meet clinical needs, has unique advantages and is widely used.
The mobile DR system realizes real-time imaging, and the imaging speed is very fast. It is equipped with a display, and the image can be displayed within a few seconds after the exposure is completed. From this, it can be immediately judged whether the projection conditions are appropriate and the position is accurate. After powerful post-processing, appropriately adjusting the window width and window level, you can get high-resolution, clear and delicate, and rich-level images. The occurrence of waste films is avoided, and the patient’s increased radiation due to re-exposure is also avoided.
Mobile DR is digital X-ray photography based on flat-panel detectors. Due to the wide dynamic latitude and exposure latitude of mobile DR, all information from the skin to the bone can be obtained in one exposure. The soft tissues are all showing good.

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