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The use of 500 mA x-ray machine

The 500 mA X-ray machine includes gastrointestinal machine, sickle arm and other equipment. The gastrointestinal machine itself has a high-frequency high-voltage generator controlled by a microcomputer and an electric fluoroscopic bed (island-type gastrointestinal bed), with stable and precise exposure conditions. The rotation angle is accurate, meeting the needs of clinical multi-position photography, and the safety function is also reassuring
The densities of different components such as human bones, fat and soft tissue are different, and some rays have different penetrating abilities for these components. Among them, bone is the most difficult to penetrate. However, small bones, such as hands and feet, can be penetrated with a smaller dose. At this time, a 200ma, or even 100ma, 50ma machine can be used to see clearly. However, the human lumbar spine, pelvis and other parts require a larger dose, because the imaging is not clear due to the small dose, which will affect the diagnosis and treatment. At this time, a 500ma X-ray machine is very necessary.
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