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Uses of portable X-ray machines

Portable X-ray machine is a small (miniature) X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of filming by X-ray principle. The portable X-ray machine is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, a power supply and a control circuit, etc., and the X-ray tube is composed of a cathode filament (Cathod), an anode target (Anode) and a vacuum glass tube, which provides a high-voltage electric field to make the filament active. The cathode, forming a high-speed electron flow. A high-speed stream of electrons penetrates the object and is processed by a portable X-ray machine to create an image.
The medical portable X-ray machine is also called a medical portable X-ray machine or a medical X-ray fluorometer. This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use and is mainly used in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments and school infirmaries. Due to its low cost, low X-ray dose (high safety), simple operation, small size, and most of them can be connected to a computer for processing and printing, etc., it satisfies the equipment gap of medical institutions that cannot accommodate large-scale X-ray equipment, and has received many Favored by the medical industry and workers
Industrial X-ray machines for industrial inspection in the industrial sector are usually industrial non-destructive inspection X-ray machines (lossless inspection). Such portable X-ray machines can detect various industrial components, electronic components, and the interior of circuits. For example, the detection of the internal circuit connection of the socket plug rubber, the internal welding of the diode, etc. Industrial inspection X-ray machines such as BJI-XZ and BJI-UC are X-ray machines that can be connected to a computer for image processing. Such portable X-ray machines for industrial inspection provide excellent solutions for the field of home appliance maintenance in factories.
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