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Guangzhou customer inquiries about portable X-ray machine

A Guangzhou customer saw a portable X-ray machine promoted by Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on a sales platform and left a message for consultation. The customer introduced that he had a Venezuelan customer who entrusted him to buy some equipment.
We contacted the customer to understand that the customer did not know much about medical devices, and asked him to send us the parameter requirements provided by the user, and then we would recommend suitable products for him. After the customer sent the configuration table, we found that the user needed a 5kW portable X-ray machine, a 17*17 wireless flat panel detector and a color Doppler, we replied to the customer that we can only provide a portable X-ray machine and a flat panel detector, Because we are a manufacturer of general radio equipment and do not have color Doppler series products, the customer only needs to quote some products. We made a quotation for the customer according to the requirements, and reminded the customer that the flat panel detector software should have manual splicing and automatic splicing functions in the parameters required by the user. The manual splicing function is free, but the automatic splicing function requires additional fees.
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