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Uzbekistan customer consulting portable mobile DR

Today, a customer in Uzbekistan consulted our portable mobile DR, and the customer said that they mainly wanted to buy a chest radiograph. Under the influence of the new crown virus epidemic in 2020, many patients do not want to go to the hospital after they are sick, so it is better to buy a portable mobile DR to go to the countryside for physical examination or go to the patient’s home for examination. This customer from Uzbekistan came to the patient’s home for an examination just for the purchase, and filmed to determine whether there was a problem with the lungs.

Briefly introduce the portable mobile DR of Huarui Imaging:
1. Using high-frequency inverter technology to produce, stable high-voltage output can obtain good image quality;
2. With compact design, it is easy to carry and carry out work in different areas and locations;
3. There are three exposure control methods: remote control, hand brake and interface button type;
4. Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection;
5. With a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can be adapted to different DR detectors.

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