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What are the advantages of mobile DR?

1.Mobile DR is easy to move: long-lasting battery power supply, flexible and convenient.

2.Mobile DR fast imaging: The photographic image can be quickly obtained and confirmed after a few seconds of exposure. The image can be processed on-site, network transmission and printing can be realized.

3.Mobile DR Large-capacity storage: The host hard disk can realize mass storage of image information, continuous shooting, and real-time image processing, which facilitates the comparison of historical images and on-site images, and can realize USB storage.

4.Mobile DR The mechanical movement is flexible and convenient. It can shoot all parts of the whole body, which is convenient for the doctor to observe the affected part from different angles and facilitate the diagnosis.

5.Mobile DR Multiple usage methods: It can be used for direct digital imaging with flat panel detectors. It can cooperate with IP board and CR system to realize indirect digital photography. Or with the film cassette system, ordinary film photography can be realized.

6.Mobile DR image is clear: high-quality high-frequency high-voltage generator. The international advanced digital flat panel detector ensures high-quality image effects.

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