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What are the advantages of Newheek mobile DR?

The new coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that has never been found in humans before. A major clinical manifestation of people infected with new coronavirus pneumonia is abnormal chest imaging. Chest imaging is a powerful assistant for doctors to diagnose the condition. At present, the imaging diagnosis of fever clinics in most hospitals mainly relies on DR or mobile DR X-ray photography.
mobile DR unlike traditional photography systems, the mobile DR is easy to operate and move. For many critically ill and unable to move independently, the mobile DR can be pushed to the bedside for direct photography. This medical device has rapid imaging and digital images can be viewed immediately, shortening diagnosis and treatment time and improving treatment efficiency.
Advantages of mobile DR:
1. Easy to move
2. Fast imaging
3. large capacity storage
4. It can take pictures of all parts of the whole body for easy diagnosis.
5. Multiple usage methods: It can be used for imaging with flat panel detector, IP board and CR system, film cassette system, etc.
6. the image is clear: high-frequency high-voltage generator and digital flat panel detector to ensure high-quality image effects.

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