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What are the characteristics of mobile DR?

Mobile DR is the largest number of consultation in radiological imaging in recent years, and dealers and hospitals often consult mobile DR. So do you know the characteristics of mobile DR? Next, let the editor answer:

1. Smooth and light moving performance. With the help of the power-assisted drive system, it can achieve smooth and light movement.

2. Compact design, easy to locate. It can move safely in a limited space under full control. With the help of the center positioning switch installed on the X-ray tube head, the collimator can be easily moved to the desired position.

3. Immediacy. The reference image is displayed on the monitor within 3s after exposure, and the photographic effect can be confirmed on the spot.

4. Compared with the traditional screen and CR system, the information processing capacity is large and the work efficiency is high. There is no need to load the film before photography, develop the film after photography and read the IP. Just send the image to the image post-processing station through the hospital’s internal network for printing.

5. High frequency inverter. High-frequency inverter technology is adopted, and the higher frequency can reach 60kHz, which produces the high voltage output of lower stable wave pulse, thus ensuring the efficiency of X-ray generation.

6. Anatomy procedures. As a standard installation, the anatomy program can easily set excellent photographic conditions.

7. Mobile power supply system. X-ray photography can be carried out by using the built-in battery power supply, and it is not necessary to connect the equipment with the external power supply except for charging.

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