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What are the characteristics of Newheek Mobile DR?

Feature 1: Powerful imaging capabilities
Our company’s mobile DR is equipped with a portable wireless flat-panel detector, which can provide powerful image detail detection capabilities to ensure clear and excellent image quality.
Feature 2: Fast imaging
Mobile DR needs to be capable of real-time imaging, and the image can be seen on the monitor 3~5s after exposure, so as to quickly determine whether the patient’s posture is correct. And the useless images that do not meet the diagnostic requirements can be immediately discarded and retaken.
Feature 3: Easy to control
Designs such as large-capacity battery and wheel shock absorption. At the same time, in order to be able to detect patients more conveniently, the body of the mobile DR also needs to be flexible.
Feature 4: Safety
The wireless remote exposure handle allows the operator to remotely expose the equipment away from the equipment, which fully guarantees the safety of medical staff.
With these advantages, mobile DR is becoming more and more important in hospitals!

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