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Newheek mobile DR

This mobile DR camera produced by Newheek is mainly for medical units to perform photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar vertebrae.
The mobile DR main configuration is: X-ray tube, beam, wireless plate detector, high voltage generator.
Mobile DR Product Features:
1. High frequency and high voltage generator and independent head, closed loop control, stable output, good repeat ability, quick response and high precision;
2. Digital closed-loop control technology, 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, to ensure the accuracy and repeat ability of the dose;
3. Touch screen adjustment, color display, no additional screen and console;
4. There is a human anatomy program, and users can modify the parameters by themselves;
5, with high voltage over – voltage protection, pipe current over – current protection, output overload protection, fault prompt;
6. Perfect heat capacity protection function to protect the target surface of X-ray tube;
7. Ergonomic structure design, simple and convenient operation;
8, electric power, forward and backward movement more convenient, light;
9. Battery capacitor dual energy storage mode, more than 20 off-line films can be taken, making emergency use more reliable;
10. Distance from focus to image receiving surface (SID) Adjustment range: 500 (mm);
11. Automatic retractable power cable mechanism can effectively prevent the cable from winding;
12. The 1417 wireless tablet is easy to use and move.

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