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What are the requirements for installing a mobile X-ray machine in the ward

Recently, a customer in Nanjing wanted to purchase a mobile X-ray machine, but was not clear about the specific requirements for protection. So he introduced the relevant situation to him.
The mobile X-ray machine is a kind of medical imaging medical equipment. It is designed to rescue critically ill patients and facilitate patients who cannot move after surgery. It is necessary to take mobile radiographs at the bedside to assist in clinical diagnosis. Flexible mobile X-ray camera. It has the advantages of small size, wide application range, and strong controllability. With the continuous development of modern clinical medicine, bedside X-ray machines have also been widely used. Medical staff will receive radiation during use, so how to protect them?
The mobile X-ray machine is an important tool used by hospitals to diagnose diseases. The protective operation requirements are as follows:
1. X-ray workers must be proficient in business technology and radiation protection knowledge, cooperate with relevant clinicians to make clinical judgments of X-ray examination, pay attention to the scope of application, and use X-ray diagnosis correctly and reasonably.
2. In addition to clinically necessary fluoroscopy examinations, photographic examinations should be used as much as possible to reduce the exposure dose of the subjects and staff.
3. Under the principle of not affecting the diagnosis, “high voltage, low current, thick filter” and small irradiation fields should be used as much as possible to work.
4. When conducting various special inspections with X-rays, special attention should be paid to the control of irradiation conditions and repeated irradiation, and effective protective measures should be taken for both the examinee and the staff.
5. During photography, X-ray workers must replace the additional filter plate according to the different tube voltages used.
6. During photography, X-ray workers should strictly adjust the irradiation field according to the required projection site, so that the useful harness is limited to the actual clinical needs, and take appropriate protective measures for the non-projected site of the subject.
7. When taking pictures, X-ray workers must carry out exposure in shielded rooms and other protective facilities. Except for those who are being inspected, other personnel should not stay in the machine room.
8. When taking pictures with mobile and portable X-ray machines, X-ray workers must be at least 2 meters away from the tube head and the subject, and take protective measures for the surrounding personnel.
9. When performing X-ray photography inspections, X-ray workers should pay attention to the reasonable selection of films and pay attention to darkroom operation techniques to ensure the quality of photography and avoid repeated exposure.
10. When performing X-ray examination, pay special attention to the protection of the gonads of the subject. Pregnant women are generally not suitable for X-ray examination to reduce the exposure to the fetus.
11. In the X-ray inspection, when the examinee needs to be supported, corresponding protective measures should be taken for the carrier.
It is recommended that when purchasing a mobile X-ray machine, customers need to purchase protective clothing such as lead clothes to protect the doctor, and lead screens to protect the doctor and the surrounding people.
After understanding, the customer was very satisfied and decided to place an order for purchase.

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