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What is a cart-type DR?

What is a cart-type DR? You may be talking about the mobile DR X-ray machine. At present, most of the mobile DRs sold are cart-type, and correspondingly, our company has also developed a cart-type chest rack.

Briefly introduce our cart-type chest rack:

1. Uses: It is suitable for photographing the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body.
2. Function: This device is composed of upright column, slide frame, film holder, support arm and movable base, which can be used with different sizes of ordinary X-ray film cassettes, CR IP boards and DR flat panel detectors.
3. Features: The overall weight is light and suitable for field rescue and rural medical examination.
4. Main technical parameters
① The total height of the frame is 1740 mm;
② The height of the handle from the ground is 960 mm;
③ Base size 480 mm*480 mm;
④ Maximum film size: 17″×17″, the slot width is suitable for DR flat panel detectors with thickness ≤29mm, CR IP boards and ordinary film cassettes;
⑤ After the carriage is fixed, the support arm can swing 180 degrees left and right, and can swing about 30cm up and down
The upper edge of the cassette can reach up to 2070mm, and the lower edge can reach the ground as low as possible.
⑥ Can take oblique photography down to the foot.
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