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What is Portable DR for?

The portable DR adopts a compact design, which is light, simple, and easy to move. It is convenient for doctors to carry it in different regions and locations to carry out work. It is small in size, light in weight, high in frequency, low in radiation, and not restricted by the environment.
Widely used in orthopaedic clinics, private clinics, pet hospitals, township health centers, school clinics, ambulances, medical vehicles, sports event organizers, athletes training and ambulance, military field medical field medical and other portable digital medical diagnostic high-frequency X-ray machine ( DR), which has been recognized by relevant medical institutions for its advantages of small footprint, low radiation, no consumables, and fast imaging speed.
Our portable digital medical diagnostic high-frequency X-ray machine (DR) has become an indispensable equipment in ambulances and medical vehicles due to its portable design. It can be stored and moved in a suitcase to perform emergency orthopedics on patients in accidents. Diagnosis, which is especially important for the movement and diagnosis of the injured in the rescue.

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