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What is included in mobile DR

Nowadays, the perfect combination of digital technology and X-ray photography technology has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography. Bedside mobile digital photography technology came into being. Mobile DR ushered in a new era of digitization in bedside photography.
The mobile DR produced by our company adopts a new bracket design, high-quality high-frequency X-ray machine, and international advanced digital flat panel detector to ensure excellent image effects. It is a high-frequency combined digital X-ray photography medical diagnostic equipment. It is suitable for radiology, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU, etc. It meets the needs of digital photography of human limbs, thoracic cavity, lumbar spine, cervical spine and other parts. It is a high-end 100 mA digital X-ray machine.
Mobile DR includes high frequency X-ray machine, mobile stand, flat panel detector, computer, etc.
1. It has the functions of high voltage overvoltage protection, tube current overcurrent protection, and output overload protection, which is more safe and reliable.
2 The use of special super capacitors as the power supply of the machine reduces the requirements for the capacity of the network power supply, which is convenient for use in wards, clinics, etc., and the film quality is more stable and reliable.
3. The whole machine is equipped with electric power assist, anti-collision warning, and electric lifting and lowering of the cross arm, which makes the operation easier.
4 Use digital portable flat panel imaging, LCD screen display.
5. Large-capacity storage: The host hard disk can realize mass storage of image information, which is convenient for the comparison of historical images and live images, and can realize USB storage and transfer of images.
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