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Bangladeshi customer inquiries about portable X-ray machine

Bangladeshi customers consult Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Portable X-ray machine and DR equipment to shoot kittens and puppies. It has been imported many times in China, so there is a freight forwarder. It is expected to buy next month, and inform customers that our 100mA portable machine shoots kittens There is no problem with puppies. When taking pictures of large animals such as cows and horses, you can only take pictures of limbs. Send pictures, videos and equipment parameters to customers to ask if they meet their needs. We have wired and wireless flat panel detectors, 1417 and 1717 sizes. Ask the customer which one they need, after confirming the configuration, you can get a better quotation, the customer is not very clear, let the price be separately, the budget is over, the customer budget is X dollars, we are X dollars, the customer and other manufacturers are talking about X dollars, ask the customer , What configuration does other manufacturers include in X dollars? If you decide to buy it, we can apply for a discount. We include a high configuration, such as organic head, rack, computer and flat panel detector, etc. The customer’s budget is too low, and it is necessary to increase the budget. But if you only need the wired version of the X-ray machine and the flat panel detector, the price is still good. The customer said that the purchase time will be informed as soon as possible.
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