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What is the price of the mobile DR X ray machine

What is the price of a mobile DR X ray machine? When we buy something, we only look at the price, style, and function. But for an X-ray machine, the power of the machine is a necessary factor to determine the price.
There are often private hospitals or outpatient clinics calling to inquire how much the mobile DR machine costs. In fact, this topic is an open topic, and there is no single answer, because the current X-ray machines have different configurations and models according to different usage environments and scenarios. The price There can be a big difference. A mobile DR is composed of x-ray machine, flat panel detector, workstation, and processing software. For example, for a 100mA device, the x-ray machine and rack are only about 3000-4000$. If it is equipped with a digital flat panel detector, the price is in It ranges from about 7000-8500$, and it is about 700-1500$ with a workstation computer. It is roughly estimated that this machine is about 11000$. The 100mA mobile DR can take chest X-rays and cervical spine at most. The lumbar spine and other difficult-to-penetrate parts of the human body cannot be photographed, and at least a 400mA machine is required. For general outpatient examinations of limbs and physical examinations, the 100mA mobile DR is the most cost-effective.
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