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The difference between mobile X-ray machine and mobile DR

Medical mobile DR is to add a digital imaging system on the basis of a mobile X-ray machine, that is, a digital flat panel detector is added, which can directly display images on a computer. Cooperate with flat-panel detectors to realize direct digital photography and on-site imaging of various parts in various environments. If the mobile flat panel detector is not selected, it can cooperate with the film cassette system to realize ordinary film photography. The purpose of mobile DR is mainly for some special patients. Because traditional X-ray machines are bulky and heavy, it is already very difficult to put them in a fixed room, and it is even more difficult to move them. However, for some patients who are unable to move independently due to serious illness, they need to undergo X-ray machine examination, which may require a lot of tossing. There were some accidents during the move. If mobile DR is used, it can be pushed directly to the patient’s bedside to take pictures of the patient.
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