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What kind of patient is a bedside portable X-ray machine for

I believe everyone is familiar with X-ray machine shooting physical examination.The patient obtained the corresponding clinical effect through X-ray photography.

But some people, such as the seriously ill bedridden patients, can’t stand up after surgery, can only bed.For this particular examination, the bedside portable X-ray machine plays a vital role.

How to use a bedside portable X-ray machine to take pictures of patients lying down.So, what are the applications of bedside photography?

The purpose is to examine chest lesions in critically ill patients.

1. The doctor needs to know the chest condition of the patient who is unable to walk due to chest trauma, fracture or bed rest. The doctor needs to use a bedside mobile X-ray machine to determine the chest condition of the patient.

2. Assessment of unexplained dyspnea

3. The postoperative physical assessment of critically ill patients, such as ICU patients and liver transplantation patients, needs to be determined by the bedside mobile X-ray machine.

Portable bedside X-ray machine is easy to operate and work conveniently. It plays an increasingly important role in the examination and diagnosis of patients with severe illness and immobility.It not only buys time for the treatment of severely ill patients, but also provides great convenience for patients who cannot or are not suitable for activities.

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