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Indonesian client consults 100MA portable X-ray machine

Recently, I received an email asking about an X-ray machine.The customer is from Indonesia and wants a 100MA portable X-ray machine.Recently more and more customers want a 100MA portable X-ray machine. Why is this machine so popular?Let’s take a look:The 100MA X-ray machine is now more popular than the high-frequency X-ray machine.
First, it is more convenient.The machine is composed of a combined head of high-pressure generator, bulb tube and collimator, so the volume is small and the weight is only about 20kg, which is more suitable for bedside physical examination and fluidity physical examination.This is appropriate for the current COVID-19 outbreak.
Second, the price is more affordable.Because the price of 100MA portable X-ray machine is not very high, only a little higher than the 100MA power frequency machine, so many customers are willing to add this money to buy a high-frequency machine.
Third, and most important, is its practicality.The 100MA portable X-ray machine can be used to X-ray parts such as hands, feet, limbs and chest.This is a device suitable for personal and fever clinics.It’s very cost-effective.
Newheek specializes in producing all kinds of X-ray machines and auxiliary equipment, which are exported to more than 20 countries and have been approved by customers. If you are interested in this 100MA portable X-ray machine, please contact us.

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