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When to do a bedside x-ray

Bedside chest X-ray is for the convenience of those inpatients and intraoperative patients who are unable or difficult to move, and to perform examinations for critically ill patients in a timely and effective manner. However, some patients request bedside filming for various reasons, such as: I don’t want to go to the radiology department to make an appointment and queue, the time is too long and troublesome: I have no family to accompany me and cannot leave the ward: Let the radiology department come to the bedside for filming, service The attitude is better, and the results come out faster. I don’t have a bad money. When I come to the hospital, I want to enjoy the best service. I am willing to pay extra for bedside films. Doctors in the ward sometimes over-accommodate various unreasonable demands of patients, and issue bedside radiographing applications when it is not necessary, so that many patients who can move do not go to the radiology department for examination, but use bedside examination, which leads to a decrease in the diagnostic accuracy. , thereby affecting the treatment of patients.
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