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Ecuadorian customer consulting mobile X-ray machine

Today, an Ecuadorian customer saw our mobile X-ray machine on Ali and contacted us. This mobile X-ray machine is a combined X-ray head, the frame adopts a cantilever structure, and the positioning of the head is light and convenient; it is equipped with a beamer, which can easily and correctly control the X-ray radiation field; the whole machine is small in size and easy to move. , easy to operate, safe and reliable. It can be used for filming in various hospitals, clinics, wards, physical examination centers and other medical institutions: it can be adapted to DR flat panel detectors of different sizes; it has automatic adjustment of power supply voltage (V), and stepless photography (kV). Continuously adjustable; with protections such as loading chain, exposure time, automatic fault alarm, filament preheating, tube assembly temperature, etc.; and can be equipped with a flat-panel detector to form a mobile DR.
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