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where to find cheap x-ray machines

Where to find cheap X-ray machines, Newheek is the first choice.
Our company is the source manufacturer of X-ray machines and can provide different types of X-ray machines. Now high-frequency machines have gradually replaced industrial frequency machines, which are more intelligent and more convenient to operate. The 100MA 5KW portable machine produced by our company is very cost-effective. , with low dose, is currently the smallest X-ray diagnostic equipment at home and abroad, mainly using high-performance mini-tube, beautiful in appearance, the radius of the perspective object is large. Safe, lightweight, and high resolution, you can see clear images without the need for a darkroom. The radiation dose is low and no protection is required.
It can be used for immediate diagnosis in emergency wards and operations for orthopedics, hand and foot surgery, pediatrics, stomatology and other departments in hospitals, especially suitable for closed reduction, needle threading and external fixation for orthopedic patients. It is also suitable for muscle Direct fluoroscopic observation when removing foreign bodies. Real-time perspective observation of transmission belt detection in mines and mines, on-site diagnosis of athletes and field workers and military field personnel when they encounter injuries, and inspection of birth control rings for women of childbearing age. Non-destructive testing in the industrial sector, such as aluminum castings, manifolds, high-voltage packages, etc. Security inspection by the security department, customs, post and telecommunications department.
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Features of mobile high frequency medical diagnostic X-ray machine:

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