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Which Departments is Mobile DR Applicable to?

Mobile DR (full name mobile photography X-ray equipment) is a medical device in X-ray products. Compared with conventional DR, this product has more advantages such as portability, mobility, flexible operation, convenient positioning, and small footprint. It is widely used in radiology, orthopedics, wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU and other departments. As well as large-scale medical examinations, out-of-hospital first aid and other scenes, it is known as “radiology on wheels”.
For seriously ill patients or postoperative patients, they cannot move to a professional X-ray room for filming, and the wards of major hospitals basically have 2 beds or 3 beds in a room, and the space is narrow, in order to avoid secondary damage to patients , the best way is to design a movable DR by applying non-destructive flaw detection diagnosis. Mobile DR can be close to the patient and avoid re-injury of the patient. Due to the special requirements of the projection position and angle, the engineers designed a mechanical arm that can be lifted vertically so that the doctor can operate it with one hand while on the side of the bed. The patient basically does not need to circle around the bed, and can quickly complete the positioning and projection.
Mobile DR not only wins time for the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, but also provides great convenience for patients who are unable to move or are not suitable for activities. Therefore, mobile DR has become an important part of the daily work of the imaging department, and has been recognized by the majority of medical workers.
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