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Application scope of mobile X-ray machine

The mobile X-ray machine is composed of a portable X-ray machine and a rack. The portable X-ray machine produced and sold by Shandong Huarui Imaging is mainly used for X-ray photography of various parts and joints such as lumbar spine, chest, limbs, hands, feet, mouth, etc. The X-ray imaging system has the functions of image sorting, image acquisition, image transmission, and image software processing. The portable X-ray machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient operation and stable operation, and is especially suitable for all kinds of field work. It can be more convenient for field first aid, outdoor physical examination, and bedside filming.
Mobile X-ray machines are widely used in orthopaedic clinics, private clinics, pet hospitals, township health centers, school clinics, ambulances, medical vehicles, sports event organizers, athlete training and rescue, military field medical care, etc. Portable X-ray machines have been recognized by relevant medical institutions for their advantages of small footprint, low radiation, no consumables, and fast imaging speed.
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