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The role of DR in epidemic prevention and control

The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020 has brought a huge impact on my country’s medical industry. Mobile DR is a high-frequency combined digital X-ray photography medical diagnostic equipment. Compared with traditional tablet DR, mobile DR has the advantages of fast imaging speed and simple workflow. With the advantages of convenient photography operation, it is mostly suitable for radiology, ward, orthopedics, emergency room, ICU and other scenes in clinical practice. The advantages of mobile DR such as small size and fast imaging have played an important role in epidemic prevention and control, and have become the most urgently purchased equipment in ICU, fever clinics, and epidemic prevention wards. At the same time, mobile DR has also been included in the national “Major Epidemic Treatment Base List of emergency medical supplies. In 2020, the total installed and exported mobile DR in my country will reach about 8.2 thousand units. As a branch in the imaging field, the popularity of my country’s mobile DR market is still low at present, and the market capacity is also small, but with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control
Development, the mobile DR market demand will continue to rise.
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