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How many milliamps does a medical X-ray machine have?

X-ray machines can be divided into medical X-ray machines, veterinary X-ray machines and industrial X-ray machines. Today, we mainly introduce medical X-ray machines. Medical X-ray machine equipment is mainly used for photographic examination of chest, limbs, pelvis, and lumbar spine in medical units, and can be used for general photography, X-ray filter photography, oblique photography, organ procedure photography, etc.
How many milliamps does the medical X-ray machine have? The X-ray machines sold by our company have various styles, among which the medical ones are 50mA, 100mA, 200mA, 300mA, 400mA As well as 500mAh, 50mAh and 100mAh are mobile portable X-ray machines, it is no problem to shoot human limbs, chest X-ray, cervical spine, and lumbar spine.
If customers need to take chest X-rays of limbs and other parts, our 100mAh mobile portable X-ray machine is very suitable, cost-effective, touch screen design, screen adjustment parameters, has been exported to many countries, such as Italy and Germany, etc., won the Unanimously praised. If you want to shoot the whole body, our 500 mA sickle arm and double column are very suitable. Its configuration, function and effect are the same, and it is also favored by many customers. Welcome to consult our medical X-ray machine equipment.

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