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How to choose a medical hand-held X-ray machine

At present, in the medical field, many customers have begun to focus on choosing simple and lightweight handheld X-ray machines for clinical photographic examination of body parts. So how to choose a suitable hand-held X-ray machine, let us first understand the types and characteristics of hand-held X-ray machines.
1. Portable fluoroscopy machine. It is mainly used in hospital orthopedics as X-ray diagnosis of limbs and other smaller and thinner parts.
2. 5KW/100mA portable X-ray machine. It can be used for X-ray photography of human head, limbs, chest cavity and other parts in ward, operating room or field. Its characteristics: small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be used indoors and outdoors, high-frequency inverter technology, clear image quality, and has three exposure control methods and fault self-diagnosis and protection functions.
The above two kinds of products are widely used in the medical field, and customers can choose the suitable products according to the parts and uses they need to shoot. We Weifang Newheek Co., Ltd. is an import and export trading company producing x-ray machines, with a complete range of products, please contact +8617616362243.

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