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What are the advantages of mobile DR?

With the development of the epidemic, there is an increasing demand for mobile DR. So, what are the advantages of mobile DR?

Mobile DR is widely used in clinical departments such as emergency department, ICU ward, neonatology, operating room, orthopedics, etc., for bedside photography of patients who are not suitable for movement, especially for intraoperative, emergency, and severe patients and infected patients in isolation areas. High application value.

Low radiation: The radiation of mobile DR is relatively low, which reduces the exposure by at least 30% compared to conventional photography.

Good image quality: A variety of post-processing algorithms and technologies are used to greatly improve image quality, with clear image levels and high contrast.

Small and smart: electric power-assisted drive system, dual-wheel and dual-drive, can realize zero-radius turning, easy to move, natural and stable.

High efficiency: Convenient positioning and fast imaging speed greatly improve the detection speed of patients and maximize work efficiency.

Information sharing and remote diagnosis: seamlessly connect to the cloud PACS system to realize information sharing.

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