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Mobile x ray machine Armenian Prime Minister confirms infection with new coronavirus

Xinhua News Agency, Tbilisi, June 1 (Reporter Li Ming) Yerevan News: Armenian Prime Minister Pasinyan announced on social media on June 1 that he and his family have been infected with the new crown virus.
Pasinyan said that he himself tested positive for the new coronavirus in his routine tests, and his family was also confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in subsequent tests. He stated that he currently has no symptoms and is isolating himself and continuing to work remotely.
Pasinyan called on citizens to prepare for the long-term coexistence with the virus, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, wear masks and maintain good hygiene in daily life.
According to the Armenian News Agency, Pasinyan may have been infected while dining out recently. A waiter at a restaurant he visited earlier was confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus.
Armenia previously announced that it would extend the national emergency until June 13, but canceled most of the epidemic control measures to restore the economy.
According to figures released by Armenian National Center for Disease Control and Prevention on June 1, 210 new cases were diagnosed in the country, with 9402 cases diagnosed, 3402 cases cured, and 139 deaths.

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