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Newheek mobile DR classification introduction

Recently, the company’s mobile DR machine has a lot of inquiries. Regarding mobile DR machines, we have two types. One is 100ma mobile DR. This kind of machine is small and convenient, the total weight of the head is about 25kg, plus a movable shelf, with DR and computer, it can image. Such a maximum dose is 100ma, and the dose is adjustable. There is no problem in shooting the limbs, and the chest can also be imaged, but if the person is fat, or shooting thicker parts may not be very suitable, which requires a large dose of mobile equipment. Another is our 400ma mobile DR. This machine is more suitable for shooting thicker parts such as chest and abdomen, because the dose is relatively large and X-rays can penetrate thicker parts. However, relatively, the price will be higher. It is mainly composed of X-ray tube, collimator device, wireless DR detector and high voltage generator, which can be directly imaged, simple and clear. If you also have this need, welcome to contact us!

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