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Vehicle mobile DR

With the continuous improvement of science and technology in recent years, medical care has also made rapid progress. The customized on-board DR on modern medical examination vehicles can solve the digital problem of traditional X-ray photography and realize the imaging department without film.
DR is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It can carry out real-time image digital processing, and then realize digitization. Vehicle-mounted DR is dedicated to special vehicles such as medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. Compared with departmental DR, it is more convenient and has a fairly good anti-seismic effect. Customizing vehicle-mounted DR on the medical examination vehicle can efficiently complete radiation medical examination items. When producing DR vehicles, medical vehicle manufacturers consider that the vehicle-mounted DR is slightly less powerful than the DR in the department, and its radiation X dose is much less. Therefore, when producing DR medical examination vehicles, they will build lead protection rooms and install the DR lead protection rooms on medical examination vehicles. The center is to prolong the service life of the medical examination vehicle and make the mobile medical examination vehicle safer during driving.
Customized vehicle-mounted DR on the medical examination vehicle can directly upload data to the database of the hospital medical system through the network, which greatly facilitates the hospital to better understand patient information; It can be exposed normally, and the number of exposures is more than that of DR in the department, and the radiation dose is smaller than that of DR in the department. The vehicle-mounted DR vehicle has excellent shock resistance, is portable for installation, and takes up little space. Its compact structure is more suitable for the spatial layout of medical vehicles.
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