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Veterinary X-ray machine portable

Some customers have come to inquire about the portability of veterinary X-ray machines portable. Our company’s veterinary X-ray machines are portable and have the following advantages in terms of structural performance
1. The portable veterinary X-ray machine can be hung on the bracket to quickly carry out the projection.
2. The portable veterinary X-ray body can be rotated by ≥±90° from left to right when suspended on the bracket, and the X-ray tube head can be turned by 90°, which is convenient for projecting from different angles.
3. The support arm can move up and down, follow the dynamic balance and has a locking device.
4. The body of the portable veterinary X-ray machine is 18Kg, which is more convenient to carry and transport. Support 23Kg, more flexible to move in different places.
5. The bracket can be quickly disassembled and folded into the trunk of the car, making it more convenient to visit.

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